Breeding Dragons

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Exhausted, I lie on the sofa and watch a show about Welsh people of both traditional genders. They have no jobs. They borrow money to pay for beauty treatments.

My daughter lies on my side and nurtures my exhaustion with her soft child embrace. I realize that she is glued to the characters on the screen. I muster some energy to lecture, and do explain unsecured debt and the difference between assets and liabilities. I don’t want her borrowing from her tomorrows.

Breeding Dragons

Coins for Dragons for Coins

My son meanwhile breeds dragons. He builds a dragon house, and then hatches an egg. The egg grows, and yields him silver coins. He uses silver coins at the farm he has built to buy crops. The crops feed the dragons. More silver coins come from the dragons. He builds his empire, oblivious to spray tans and tattoos on the telly.

I’m drawn into the game, the resource management. I look at the numbers and treat the dragons as assets. There’s no need to lecture here. Every aspect of the game is spoon fed so that even a four year old with limited reading ability can follow the big calls to action and learn to spend coins. To breed dragons. To make coins.

Of course the gold coins in the dragon land can’t be earned.  Gold coins provide shortcuts. These must be brought with real money from the real world. This is something my son has little of, and certainly none in a form that he could spend online.

Later when dragons are hatching as the children sleep, I attend a property investment webinar. Webinar man with his professional head shot and his persuasive story line is on the other end of the internet. He is selling two things.

The first is the asset based model. Houses are his dragons, and he wants me to have dragons too. Houses provide the silver coins to buy more houses. Webinar man develops the game play in our minds. The dream of truly passive income in the long term. More silver coins than our day job provides. Unlimited dragons. Unlimited houses.

The second thing he is selling are his gold coins. If I buy with my real world money his seminars and teachings, he will spoon feed me the steps I need. He will sell me the shortcuts.

He will augment the bricks and mortar of the real world with big red animated arrows which say, “Buy me!” He will help me build my dragon collection. He will grant me an empire to produce my own silver coins.

Ultimately I appreciate what he’s doing. I’ve seen the likes of Webinar man before.

I teach my son not to spend his money on gold coins, but to grow his dragons organically with time and patience. I want my children to learn to delay gratification, to learn to give up the short term for the long term. I’m not always the best role model for delayed gratification, but then again, I’m not an unemployed Welsh person with a spray tan either.

I write, but this does not provide for my family.

I want to spend more time with my family. Maybe Webinar man can teach me how to keep the silver coins coming on to give me space to write. All I need is a few gold coins. And some small child cuddles to remind me why I’m doing it.

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